To spend a thursday

To spend a thursday

It could have been just an ordinary thursday. In front of the computer screen, perhaps even making half decent work, perhaps wasting time procrastinating. Fearing the latter and well aware that the former could wait until the weekend I chose the third alternative, to tie on the running shoes and leave the house.

diptych panorama overlooking town and along a coarse trail into the woods
Entering Eidsvågsfjellet. From here on the trails are just wonderful.

Eidsvågsfjellet—directly translated, Mountain of Eidsvåg, although it hardly qualifies as a mountain given how low it is—is quite a lovely place. Although I’ve lived not far from there for a long time I didn’t discover the trails over there until last year. I blame the stretch of tarmac that’s between where I live and those gorgeous trails for the fact that I don’t often run there. Rarely, in fact. It’s less than 3km though, so even with my tarmac aversion it isn’t much of an excuse.

Trail through woods
See, wonderful.

Often when I find a new trail I seem to make a mental map of it. Attempt to, is more accurate. Or, the combination of trails. Then the next time I head out in the same area I tend to run pretty much the same route. It helps with quantifying the experience, that way I can compare a run with another and find out if I moved faster or slower, the whole activity or parts of it. And compare my performance to others’. Then, I can’t help but ask myself, without a good answer in sight, why the need to quantify such an experience?

Looking up a rock at a rope meant to assist hikers.
Who left the rope up?

Anyway, on this particular route which I’ve run only twice yet but knowing me it will probably happen again, what follows after Eidsvågsfjellet is an evil–ish steep ascent to what can in fact be referred to as a mountain, just under 2km but with a 16% average grade. Running up there is an overstatement but I did beat my personal best by six minutes. Quantify, right? That’s not to say that the accomplishment was anything to brag about.

Elevated view over town and fjord from a mountain.
View was tolerable.
A diptych, black and white, panorama of mountain landscape with two radio masts.
Panorama, en route to Vikinghytten.

The next rarely visited stop on the route is Vikinghytten. Translating again it means Viking’s hut, where Viking in this case is a sports club and not a 1000+ years old guy with a beard. Like Eidsvågsfjellet it’s a place I should visit more often. Not the hut, but the area around it, because it’s one of those feel–good places. I may have said that before.

Diptych showing a side of a hut and the pond next to it.
A slice of a hut, and the pond next to it.

24km and 1100m later and I was exhausted. In the best of ways. Nothing the computer screen might have offered could have matched it. Well, not completely true, but she’s busy writing and I wasn’t about to interrupt her. That was cryptic, but nevermind.

Red backpack and running shoes on rock.
Yeai! Colour coordinated.. at last.

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