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Nearby. Some decent places.

Slowly but it won’t take long

In 2016 I rode a bicycle in the backyard, to places I hadn’t seen before. Nothing to write about in World Bike Traveller (if that were a thing) but it meant being out of the house every now and then and, to an extent, being present.

Rocky hiking trail in between crooked pine trees.

New old trails

Oh Nostalgia! I haven’t been on those trails in years. Some I haven’t seen before at all. And I love them. And have the feeling I will be seeing more of them in the coming weeks. Much more.. Should be able to piece together a…

To spend a thursday

To spend a thursday

It could have been just an ordinary thursday. In front of the computer screen, perhaps even making half decent work, perhaps wasting time procrastinating. Fearing the latter and well aware that the former could wait until the weekend I chose the third alternative, to tie…

More or less

More or less

I seem to want to see more of this, and this, even if I will have to wait for it, and even this. And less of my computer screen. At least the hours spent on looking up information I don’t need, useless arguments and the…

Footprints in the snow.

Motivation, I mean the lack of one

Last winter was nice. Cold, lots of snow, compared to the average year when there is practically none. Tough on the legs though, but last winter I had no plans to run 50km each week. Just went out when I felt like it. Sometimes even…

Two thousand and..

Two thousand and..

I can’t help but smile a bit about it, a little, but I never meant to run. Now it’s what keeps me in shape. And not just physically, far from it. Although the trails are just ground—mud and rocks and dirt and gravel and whatnot—under my feet, I attribute all sorts of magical qualities to them.

Do run run run

I guess I’m in no shape to run 20km with almost a thousand meters of climbing. I realize that now, third day in a row, three days after the deed. But while it lasted, damn it felt good! Still does, in fact.