I want to ride my bicycle

Slowly but it won’t take long

In 2016 I rode a bicycle out of town, to places I hadn’t seen before. Nothing to write about in World Bike Traveller (if that were a thing) but it meant being out of the house every now and then and, to an extent, being present. At least that was the intention. There was always a camera, and more often than not it was put to good use. Well, good being relative. Many if not most of the photos could be placed in the *I was there* category, which isn’t necessarily negative, it just has a tendency to be a little dull. Some had potential, some were ruined by haste, I never did allow myself the luxury—or pain, depending on the perspective—of a decent tripod. A handful came out alright.

While procrastinating *proper work* that wasn’t getting anywhere, I revisited a few of the folders since 2016 and made some new edits. Quite a few new edits in fact, enough to push the editing process—as in choosing which ones to use and how to put them together—a little further into the future. Guess now is the future.

Looking at them now I seem to be realizing that they aren’t simply *I was there* photographs, that there is something more to them. That they resonate, well beyond having been to a certain place and pushed my comfort zone, if only a little. Although I don’t yet know why, it feels rather ok. And less ok, a little.

They are a bit of a country pop tune, but thats alright.

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