Two thousand and..

I can’t help but smile a bit about it, a little, but I never meant to run. Now it’s what keeps me in shape. And not just physically, far from it. Although the trails are just ground—mud and rocks and dirt and gravel and whatnot—under my feet, I attribute all sorts of magical qualities to them.

Do run run run

I guess I’m in no shape to run 20km with almost a thousand meters of climbing. I realize that now, third day in a row, three days after the deed. But while it lasted, damn it felt good! Still does, in fact.

Seeing places

The bus came, and the bus left. And I stood on the platform thinking—that wasn’t planned! Actually, what I thought contained somewhat stronger language but no need to get into the details. Cycling out of Bergen Norway, where I live, may or may not be a successful task. Depending on where you want to go… Continue reading Seeing places