One foot in front of the other

New old trails

Rocky hiking trail in between crooked pine trees.

Oh Nostalgia!

I haven’t been on those trails in years. Some I haven’t seen before at all. And I love them. And have the feeling I will be seeing more of them in the coming weeks. Much more..

Should be able to piece together a nice route. Short and intense. One that should fit into morning schedules when there isn’t much time to get out and properly wake up before other obligations take over.

An elevated view over town in between crooked pines.

Crooked pines and trail in mountain area.
A long time ago I used to go there with my daughter, when she was small enough so I could carry her on my back when she got tired. We’d go slowly, she would set the pace stopping every two meters or so to have a closer look at something on the ground, a dead branch, a plant, blueberries if the season was right. Good times.
View along a crooked trail through woods, fjord and mountains in the background.
Not quite true that I haven’t seen these trails in a long time, because I’ve been here a lot for the last two or three months. Always the other direction though and hardly ever stopping to look back upon the views. Which reminds me, stop and turn around every now and then. Not all runs have to be about the Strava segments. Just as well.
A view down a steep hiking trail in the woods.
With this short and steep stretch, and another even steeper, going up makes more sense than down. Flipping the route for next time.
A view from above of a gravel road barely visible between trees, town in the background.
Now that I’ve been living here for about 18 years it was time to finally see Kamveien, the gravel road barely visible between the trees, from above.

What a backyard I have..

Gravel road in the woods, trail between mountain birch trees.
If there is a trail, always choose the trail.

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