More or less

More or less

I seem to want to see more of this,

Trail through the woods.
A lovely trail, shortly before the end of a 15km run or so.

and this, even if I will have to wait for it,

A trodden path in the snow. Trees on both hands.
Although each step costs quite a bit more energy than it would during the summer season I don’t have enough good words for winter running. Not every run is about a personal best anyway.

and even this.

Start number laying in the grass in the evening sun.
First start number so far. No intentions to make it the last one.

And less of my computer screen. At least the hours spent on looking up information I don’t need, useless arguments and the likes.

So, time to get to it then. To choose ones battles, priorities.

That’s all.

By Thorir

Another someone on the internet.

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