Slowly but it won’t take long

In 2016 I rode a bicycle in the backyard, to places I hadn’t seen before. Nothing to write about in World Bike Traveller (if that were a thing) but it meant being out of the house every now and then and, to an extent, being present.

Seeing places

The bus came, and the bus left. And I stood on the platform thinking—that wasn’t planned! Actually, what I thought contained somewhat stronger language but no need to get into the details. Cycling out of Bergen Norway, where I live, may or may not be a successful task. Depending on where you want to go… Continue reading Seeing places

Drawing maps

At the train station, the obligatory bike against stuff photo, non–drive side.

During a period when I was a kid, I drew maps. Lots of them. Islands and valleys, rivers, roads. There was usually an underlying story going on and I would create the landscape excactly the way I wanted it, and if I felt the need to get from here to there it was simply a… Continue reading Drawing maps

(Un)finished business

So this is where I slept last night, pt. ii.

I believe I was looking for a cycle route between Bergen and Voss when I first came across the article about crossing the mountain between the Samnanger fjord and Bergsdalen valley, using an old military road since the 1920’s. Reading it I realized that the term road was being used a little differently from what… Continue reading (Un)finished business