Weather, sample pack

This was a long time ago. Around here the weather is usually of one kind or another. Not a mix of various kinds. But that’s ok, both the usual state of things—pouring rain* that is—and the odd bright day, sunshine and all. This was different. Sunshine, rainstorm that never did reach me although it threatened … Continue reading Weather, sample pack

To spend a thursday

It could have been just an ordinary thursday. In front of the computer screen, perhaps even making half decent work, perhaps wasting time procrastinating. Fearing the latter and well aware that the former could wait until the weekend I chose the third alternative, to tie on the running shoes and leave the house. Eidsvågsfjellet—directly translated, … Continue reading To spend a thursday

More or less

I seem to want to see more of this, and this, even if I will have to wait for it, and even this. And less of my computer screen. At least the hours spent on looking up information I don’t need, useless arguments and the likes. So, time to get to it then. To choose … Continue reading More or less