Slowly but it won’t take long

In 2016 I rode a bicycle in the backyard, to places I hadn’t seen before. Nothing to write about in World Bike Traveller (if that were a thing) but it meant being out of the house every now and then and, to an extent, being present.

New old trails

Oh Nostalgia! I haven’t been on those trails in years. Some I haven’t seen before at all. And I love them. And have the feeling I will be seeing more of them in the coming weeks. Much more.. Should be able to piece together a nice route. Short and intense. One that should fit into… Continue reading New old trails

Weather, sample pack

This was a long time ago. Around here the weather is usually of one kind or another. Not a mix of various kinds. But that’s ok, both the usual state of things—pouring rain* that is—and the odd bright day, sunshine and all. This was different. Sunshine, rainstorm that never did reach me although it threatened… Continue reading Weather, sample pack

You suck

Good morning day. You suck. Good thing there are two alternatives; be miserable or tie on the bloody running shoes and postpone misery, at least until I get back inside. Possibly longer.

Shoe time

The soles on the VJ Irocks are starting to slip and I have a feeling it’s going to be a steep downhill for them from now on. That was a terrible pun. Had been hoping to get more out of them than the 600km where they’re at now and I will, but how much more… Continue reading Shoe time

To spend a thursday

It could have been just an ordinary thursday. In front of the computer screen, perhaps even making half decent work, perhaps wasting time procrastinating. Fearing the latter and well aware that the former could wait until the weekend I chose the third alternative, to tie on the running shoes and leave the house. Eidsvågsfjellet—directly translated,… Continue reading To spend a thursday