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Remember the two wolves?

From that internet post that has its fifteen minutes of fame every now and then, in somewhat different versions?

Anyway, the wolves have something of a lead role in this story being told by—sometimes an old indian to a grandchild, sometimes just a grandfather, no race or political status specified.

And it’s about the ongoing fight of the two wolves we all carry with within ourselves and how one is good and kind and gentle and the other is evil, mean, resentful and whatnot, and at the end of the story the kid asks, “who wins”, to which the grandfather wisely answers, “the one you feed”.

I didn’t expect this story to turn up in my inbox but recently it did, underneath the hood of a newsletter that comes each week, one that I rarely read but I read the beginning of this one, probably just because I quickly noticed the story. And cliché as it is, it was just what I needed, because I know this wolf and it’s been getting fat.

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