What to think of Streetrepeat?

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That is, Streetrepeat as in here, on Instagram.

Streetrepeat “is an Instagram account [..] born out of a fascination for the amount of repeated patterns in street photography, particularly on Instagram.” It takes a popular (apparently) theme, finds three photographs by three different photographers and posts them one after the other. That’s the short version, more to read at their site.

As for what I think about it..

I can certainly admit to finding it interesting on some level, and the selections are generally very nice. But I’m not sure about what it leaves with me with, the sum of it. As if by placing three variations on a certain theme in a sequence—however great the individual photographs may be—somehow punctures the experience, before it even happened. A kind of everything has been photographed, you can’t come up with anything new attitude, force–fed to the viewer.

On the other hand, looking at some of the photos for a bit longer than the usual IG attention span I feel they are indeed catchy, easy on the eyes, well composed and post processed, but a little too easy on the eyes perhaps? For those images the additional two do help them grow, I believe, or act as a crutch, depending.

Also on the other hand, via Streetrepeat I’m seeing a bunch of photography I might never have seen otherwise.

Like the ones from the screenshot above, by:

  1. Nick Hannes
  2. Hugh Rawson
  3. Katarzyna Kubiak
  4. Giulia Thinnes
  5. Kanrapee Chokpaiboon
  6. Efthimios Koustas

Then there is the Instagram effect. In my case, the nasty aftertaste I sometimes get when returning after spending wasting time on the tech giants’ playground and not concentrating on myself and my work.


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