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Blurry camera in front of landscape.

Had an almost emotional moment when I opened the bag from the bottom drawer, the one with the old PC Nikkor. A few years ago the plan was to replace it but the replacement ended up needing service and for some reason I haven’t gotten around to fixing it, diy or send it to someone who knows what she’s doing. So there hasn’t been a 35 shift in my life for quite a while now.

Almost as old as I am, the PC Nikkor that is, and so worn that turning the focus ring wiggles the rotation mechanism. Add a cheapo adapter to the mix and it feels as if the whole thing was ready for retirement decades ago. But then, it has been retired, sort of, in that bag in the bottom drawer.

It was time the two of us went for a walk together again. Perhaps even more than once.

Camera on a tripod, some structures in the background.

..and then they rode off together, into the sunset, on their rusty tripod.

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