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The squares

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Parts of two apartment buildings, view of hills and water between them.

+..the squares are the ones from New Landscapes that resonate nowadays—long before that it was the squares from the square camera that,.. well—wanted to resonate but never quite got there. Still staring at old photographs. These from 2006, made with in partnership with the Voigtlander Perkeo II. Speaking of the Perkeo. How lovely it would be to be able to find a replacement bellows for it. Or better yet, a DIY repair solution. On to […]

One less reason..

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A few Fuji films in 120 and 220 format laying on a wooden box.

+It’s been staring at me, the Pentax, for a long time now. Begging me to go for a walk so it could see, not the world exactly, but at least the nearest surroundings. Stretch out, move a little, internally as well as just being around, breathe the fresh air.. And I’ve always replied, —“nahh, I don’t even know where your films are, so being outside wouldn’t make much sense, right?” And it would nod, as […]