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Confirm or excuse?

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Camera on a tripod, outside in the wind, on a mountain.
Landscape, camera, wind.

I used to know someone who would be present in nature while I ran around like a madman attempting to make it stick to film. Can’t rembember bothering to stop much and ask myself what it was I was trying to find, or capture. Just went on, searching, framing, adjusting, opening the shutter for just long enough to collect fragments of reality as it passed. As if I needed them in order to confirm—or excuse, […]

Get a Kiev

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The current latest and greatest idea: Ditch everything, get a beat up Kiev, the Contax clone kind, a bag full of 400H, shoot like a madman and surely something would have to come out of it. Then when it wouldn’t, ditch everything, get the next thing that’s supposed to make life a better place to be in, and surely something would have to come out of it. Rinse and repeat.

Autumn, some years ago

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From a birthday hike in the woods, 7 years ago. Very much enjoyed shooting these, perhaps because they were never meant to be anything but themselves. No external (or existential) references, no hidden meanings, just isolated pieces of nature, half–decently framed. Shot on film so chimping was not an option, with various 35mm cameras and whatever cheap–ish fifty I had for them. Not exactly good times, but good times.