Something reminded me of this

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Something reminded me of this

Something reminded me of this so I found the original file and tweaked the curve some, it was fairly dull in the previous version*.

A couple of points (Warning: thinking out loud)

  • When I posted this to online a number of years ago I wrote something about how it reminded me of being twelve. I said that a lot, some years ago, and now I can’t recall why, or what it was about this image, or other things that took me down memory lane, that reminded me of that particular period in my life.
  • Browsing the photos on the hard drive, next to this one, was almost painfully embarrassing. No one was looking over my shoulder, hence almost. But what a pile of crap! Ok then, water under the bridge, move along.

*as opposed to now, all shiny and sparkling with joy 😉

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