Six months, six images

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Six months, six images
Six months, six images
June: Some mountain I hadn't seen in a decade and a half. Pixels here.

November already? Well..

July: Just resonated somehow. Certainly no favorite though.

August: Because landscape. Doesn’t need to be pretty and well composed but we knew that.

September: From the I was there category of images. Nobody’s favorite category of images.

October: Because who doesn’t love a good moon? No need to raise hands.

November: Not a word.

Some of the six months since last time have been quite dry, in terms of lens based activities. Also, my favorite images these days are eight years old and not the ones that have appeared lately and since this is about recents I’ve adjusted the tag. And this was a terrible sentence.

And here’s a new years resolution, if a tad early. If nothing worth saying to say, shut up. Now may this post creep downwards in shame and forever be forgotten.

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