Six favs, six months

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Six favs, six months

For the lack of having anything to say, and the fact that it’s late may already, six favs are up.

Afraid this time the selection will look more like a chaotic shoebox, one that’s been stuffed with random images from random people. They are all mine though. And they can all be clicked for more pixels. If that’s of interest.

Yea, well. Let’s say it has emotional value.

Like the previous, emotional value. Lots of it. Half–decent photograph too, I think. Hope saying this is redundant but feel free to disagree.

Squares are the people I’ve wanted to get to know better but was too shy and insecure to go and say “hi, I think you’re cool”. And when our ways accidentally crossed there may have been a brief moment of genuine communication right before, again, there wasn’t.

This I can say. Found a polarizing filter, had to try it. Seriously though, I do find cruise ships somewhat interesting, but then,.. It’s complicated.

It was a decent thursday. And I got to puzzle some images together. And I’m fond of this place. And if you click that link the only way back is your browser’s back button.

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