Six favs, from the last six months

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Six favs, from the last six months

A) Most of the photography these days (months actually) is connected to hobby–related activities. Not necessarily a bad thing, but might affect the interestingness for others than myself.

B) Whether or not a pic makes the fav category has little or nothing to do with the quality of the photo. Which further adds to the potential interestingness from A) or the lack thereof.

With that out of the way,..

I have better, less personal photographs of this subject. But for now I’ll refer to B) above. Besides, this is a classic personal fav, as they say, and for all the right reasons, possibly some wrong ones too.

I remember cloud free winter mornings, more years ago than I can count, when I would stop and look up at the sky and try to spot Orion, and when I did I would think “Ok, everything is in its right place” (if I had known Radiohead by then) and carry on with the day.

I have to admit it, sunset photos are taking up more and more space on the hard drive lately. It’s not so much about the colour of the sky—I tell myself—but the light qualities on the foreground. As if the two weren’t related. Colour contrast can really be the beautifullest thing.

Same comment as before applies, to an extent. And how when there is very little light, the little there is often seems to be very, very nice. And the snow..

It’s 2018 and we still have petrol stations! Come on humanity, get your act together, you’re better than this. This one could qualify for “Dear foreground”, more on that later, perhaps.

Never really understood why the signs to that particular hut are shaped like the hut itself. Then, I’ve never even been in it, never seen any people in it, don’t know anyone that has or what they do there, and so on.

Not entirely a bad idea to post six favs every six months.

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