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  • Runningman sometimes makes it out of the house.
  • Although not proper athlete* products, Runningman is very fond of his shoes.
  • The trail is often wet and slippery but Runningman is sure–footed and doesn’t fall too often.
  • Runningman is grateful for the nice backyard he has and appreciates how it helps keep the chin up.
  • For motivational reasons Runningman often brings his camera, in spite of the additional weight and the negative impact it has on the GPS track.

(clicking the photos takes you elsewhere to more pixels)

Overlooking the reservoir, hadn’t it been for the trees blocking the view

Half frozen reservoir, skating not recommended


Four people had been there before Runningman

Landscape with misplaced concrete construction

The woods, oh the woods

In the distance, the local communication centre

The trail, oh the trail—another communication centre in the background

Overlooking the reservoir

*Given how Runningman is no athlete, non–athletic shoes should be a perfect match.

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