#runningman has a worse* camera

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#runningman has a worse camera
#runningman has a worse camera
Colourful in the landscape. More from #runningman.

Replacing old with ancient, in digital camera terms at least, #runningman’s image quality just decreased, considerably. It turns out that’s quite alright, if not for the better. Battery life is still adequate, pixel count has gone down and with it, file size is lovely, colours are wonky in a good way and the optic is good. Best of all though, the older, worse camera of the two is much smaller, lighter, and no drama worth mentioning will happen should #runningman trip with it in his hand and land on it.

Brown puddle in low green vegetation

It all looks decent enough on the internet anyway..

old=Fujifilm X100S (is being missed, terribly)
ancient=Ricoh GR Digital III


*Update: I probably should address worse, in the context that the best camera is the one you have with you, cliché as it is. And how if there is going to be a camera while running, as long as the image quality is acceptable, small and light is number one on the list of qualities for #runningcam. Well, the Ricoh GRD has plenty acceptable image quality and the title of this little piece is nonsense. For a different usage, other criteria would apply.

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