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I have prejudice against people. Small people, large, people who drive their car to work, those who take the bus. People who, like me, ride their bicycles. The young and beautiful, the old and less beautiful. People who are obsessed with how others look, and themselves. People who play sport, those who go for a run with their mates, the ones having a beer at the local pub. The rich, the poor, politicians, actors, truck drivers, art directors, cleaners, doctors. Photographers, people who do certain things not unlike myself, people who are not at all like me. People with plans. The ones spending their time commenting whatever caught their attention on social media, those who don’t have an opinion about anything.

I am not all those people, the ones I am not I have at some point wished I was.

Prejudice, another word for fear?

Wrote the draft for this two and a half years ago, then forgot about it. It probably had a slightly different meaning then, but only slightly. Rather fond of people, in fact.

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