Paper route

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Paper route
Paper route

When I was a kid I delivered a newspaper. I can’t remember when I started or how long it lasted, I think until I was thirteen or fourteen. Every morning I got up, long before most of my classmates, I suppose, picked up the pile of newspapers that had been delivered outside my home earlier that night, and set off on the daily hour long route, give or take, depending on the weight of the current publication.

I remember how I hated it, back then. Or thought that I did. In hindsight it was more about lacking a certain perspective to be able to appreciate what it had to offer. The rest of my days were fairly packed with activities—sport, music, school of course—so there wasn’t much time to be on my own. The paper route offered an hour or so of alone-time, where I had nothing but my own thoughts to deal with, for good and worse. I’m almost tempted to believe it was the closest I ever got to meditating.

Earlier this year I had to spend a couple of weeks in Reykjavík, not far from where I used to live back in the days. One morning I walked the paper route. Took some photographs. Found out that I might want to chase it some. Might.

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