Nothing new, a list

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Nothing new, a list
  1. There wasn’t anything new about the set of photos I called New Landscapes*. A slight change of perspective on my behalf, and pace perhaps, but no wheels were invented (or re–invented).
  2. I did get quite comfortable with the 5:4 format**, quite easily. I should remember that.
  3. The New Landscapes were either in that format, 5:4, the vast majority of them in fact, or square. Which was the aspect ratio I really wanted to love from the time I picked up a camera (again) around the year 2000, and spent quite a bit of time trying to get the relationship going. Without much luck.
  4. For some reason the squares are the ones from New Landscapes that resonate nowadays. Perhaps because they are the odd ones out, in a sense, or because they carry less expectations than the 5:4s.
Yellow, brownish grass. Moorland. Grey sky.

One of the earliest New Landscapes. From a grey day next to the ocean. Not really knowing what to do, why, or what to expect to come out of it. Not a bad feeling, that.

Elevated view of a trail through the landscape below. Faint view of a horizon in the distance.

Not far from the first one, but probably a year or two later. Some ideas about what to do, why and what to expect from it. Not sure if that was progress.

River, riverbank with trees with their leaves fallen off and the orange, autumn vegetation in the background.

Went out chasing ghosts. Found some. Stopped by this river on the way home, not at all ghostly, only my state of mind when I arrived there.

Bridge between two islands, steel blue sea and grey sky. Red boat shed by the shoreline.

Drove to the dock, where this was taken from, to make this very photograph. Remake of one done several years earlier, six if I’m not mistaken. With a fifty something year old camera. The other one that is.

Dirty glacier, mostly grey/black-ish with sand and volcanic ash.

Dirty ice melts faster they say. At first I didn’t really know how to deal with the contrast between this one (and its relatives) and, say, the previous ones. Contrast that to me is not at all about the obvious difference in subject matter but the location and my relationship to it. It now makes perfect sense, should I ever attempt to edit the set to make sense to others than myself.

Two radar stations in rocky mountain landscape. Small lake in the foreground, not much vegetation.

It’s easy to get seduced by odd structures people build in unlikely places. Too easy. Too traveller, whatever that means.

A few houses behind a lake, odd wooden structures in the foreground.

After taking a break from New Landscapes. Wider, messier, more restless. Quickly went back to break.

Elevated view over valley, a village or part of town far into the image. Some low mountains.

View, another temptation. And a blue sky? I know, right?

Mobile homes, caravans, all white at a campsite.

Odd structures, I guess.

Road, covered with thin layer of snow, tyre marks. A few trees.

A bit of snow that wasn’t expected. And time on my hands I hadn’t expected either. Loaded photograph.

Trail with a road block, leading in between some tall trees. Summer.

Highly decorative, I might be inclined to think. Because I couldn’t come up with anything else to think.

Dusk, a few houses, partly behind a hill, grass in the foreground. Overcast.

I seem to recall “I want this”, in one form or another, having a role here. Doubting the subject and how it would end up framed but taking the photograph anyway, perhaps as a souvenir. Not trophy. Box probably best left unopened.

There are elements of dead horses in there, can’t deny that. Of the ones above I feel it’s the last two that have the most of such elements. Like, “We’re done here, get over it already”. I do suspect I’m more sensitive to it that than the few people who will be looking at them from the outside. On second thought though, it’s probably more about closure, conclusion. Somewhat hidden.

Sure it’s about landscape, this set. And then some. Plenty some.

*Photographed 2012 to 2015, with a failed attempt to return to it last summer. No link available at this time.
**Not to be confused with a proper 5:4 camera.

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