No vis..

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No vis..

I have no vision, I just like to imagine that I do. Pretend.

(It’s enough now, you can stop writing.)

I do, however, like the associations that come with the image of a trail, or road. How it hints at not being here anymore, but somewhere else. Around the next turn. And how I don’t know anything about this elsewhere, yet. Wanderlust.

Wanderlust vision would make a potensially successful instagram account, or similar. I’m sure there are many already. I’m also sure there are more intriguing ways to deal with photographing wanderlust (or whatever, really) than continually push the results to a feed. Perhaps just photograph it (whatever the subject), to a medium as stable as possible. SSD disks, film even. Then go on like Vivian Maier or Garry Winogrand or some brave rich guy who went looking for unknown territories in the mid 1800s, only to die from their films—processed or not—notebooks and whatnot. Then have some people find it and have a go at making sense of it all. Or not. Not at all.

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