I’ve never been good at goodbyes

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I’ve never been good at goodbyes
I’ve never been good at goodbyes
Faint trail in a faint place. +

Even if I still do, occasionally, it doesn’t make much sense bringing the Fuji anywhere anymore. It may work half–ok–ish, for a while, but more likely it won’t. The procedure goes something like this:

  • Fuji doesn’t respond to dials or
  • focus or
  • respond to eye sensor
  • etc.

Then it’s time to:

  • Turn Fuji off
  • Remove battery
  • Put it back in
  • Close battery lid
  • Power on

and then it may come back to its usual self, for a moment or two. And it may not. Even when it does it won’t last for long.

We had a good run together. That was a pun because in fact we had plenty. But bloody hell I miss it.

If only it was failing like that other camera, from the previous post, ..

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