Mona in heart and other compositions

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Mona in heart and other compositions
Mona in heart and other compositions
Mona. +

Although there is reason to believe that both Mona and the artist behind the work with her name are real people of flesh and blood who got up in the morning, ate breakfast and went to school, based on the information available it is not possible to say whether their paths crossed only briefly or if they ever had a relationship of some kind. If they were classmates, played in the school brass band together, etc.

Mona in heart is in the middle, yet at the edge. She was visible only to the few who drove through the underpass, the vast majority of drivers who travelled on the road above never had the opportunity to wonder about her existence.

Mona in heart might still exist, under more recent layers of paint. The work will likely never be recovered.

River seen from a bridge at dusk.

Stream doing what streams do.

Overpass and things that are under and around it.

Anno 2013. Finding out stuff. Some insignificant successes.

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