Hiking that trail

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Mama don't take my Fujifilm away

Does trail sound as if I was on an expedition somewhere deep into the wilderness?

I wasn’t.

I like to think of this particular trail as my backyard, at least it starts there. And depending on the season, light conditions, the photographic equipment on my back and my general attitude to picturemaking—not necessarily in this order—it can take somewhere between three and six hours to get back to my front door.

These photographs were taken on my first hike with the Fuji. I dropped it, and I never drop my cameras. Apart from a little scuff on the back of it there didn’t seem to be any damage, everything worked fine. At least as far as I could tell, but then I didn’t excactly know the thing by then.





Since then I’ve dropped it two times (and I never drop my cameras). The damage is more than a scuff now, sometimes the viewfinder is way out of focus and doesn’t snap back in until the camera has been turned off and on again, sometimes several times.

I should get it repaired, even if it means parting with it for a couple of weeks.

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