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Hardingen, the ferry. +

Meet Hardingen. A car ferry whose sole purpose is transporting vehicles and their people and whatever else they might be carrying across Hardangerfjorden. Like car ferries do. Well, in 2006 at least, this was Hardingen’s mission.

In 2006 when I shot jpegs with a Nikon D100 at ISO 1250 and though it was lovely. Sure the chroma noise was borderline evil but even back then there were decent tools available to deal with chroma noise. Besides, among all the issues present here, on a car ferry on the fjord of Hardanger, almost a decade ago, image quality is perhaps the least important one. Even if it often succeeds in making a big fuzz about itself.

Steel, mountain, water.

Hardingen is from a loose collection of images that will never become the set of images that I can’t seem to stop hoping it to become. This was not a good sentence. A collection of images that went—and goes—by the name Southernland and will always be a giant note to self, lurking away on a hard drive.

Damn you Southernland.

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