Dear Fuji

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It’s about that full frame (ohdear, what a phrase) large sensor camera you’re working on.

I know I’m late and all, given that the thing is probably far into the r&d pipeline already, but better late than not, right?

As I’m sure you know very well, there’s a bunch of film shooters (and film shooter wannabes) aching for a decent digital camera that suits their needs. You know, photographers coming from medium and maybe even large format, and used to elegant ratios such as 1:1, and 5:4. What do you say, that instead of squeezing out yet another 36x24mm camera, that you increase the height of the sensor a bit, say to 28,8mm, giving us a native 5:4 camera, with matching lenses of your lovely Fujifilm quality of course. While on the topic, – may I suggest a similar selection to that of the Mamiya 7? I know leaf shutters would be much to ask, or would it?.. Just think about it, the M7 crowd lining up outside your doors!

I know I would.

Fuji, I better stop writing now, this thing is starting to sound more and more lovely, to the point that I might stop doing photography while I wait for this thing.

So, what say you?

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