Busses, rushes, in-betweens and frames

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I seem fairly attracted to this bus terminal here in our town center. Have made many attempts to photograph it, most have left quite a bit to be desired. Although I have given up on the idea of making any substantial body of work there (ugh, what a phrase), I intend to keep going there with a camera. Even if the outcome may be of little photographic importance, the experience of being around people rushing from one place to another is quite a valuable one. I think.

It’s somewhat similar to airline travelling, I feel. I mean, you’re coming from somewhere else, still not where you plan to be, wouldn’t be there if there was another way around it… Stuck, in-between an A and a B, or whatever one wishes to label them.

Although I’m not so sure about the part about not being there if there was an alternative. I just seem to assume that’s how it is, for others. Personally I seem more than a little fond of these in-betweens, especially regarding airline travelling, but busses too. And trains.

So, this particular photoblob is likely to see more of it. Busses, airplanes, not many trains but hopefully some.


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