Alpa, representative for car manufacturers

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Alpa of Switzerland, who once claimed things were simple at the top and whose cameras I used to fantasize about, just sent me their newsletter. Among the headlines was “How to photograph the great outdoors”, followed by “Read the story on Land Rover’s website.” I clicked the link.

Unsurprisingly it was an advertisment. Uninspiring drone footage. Extraordinary landscape, an unremarkable car driving through it, close ups of river streams, dashboard, too much slow motion. The photographer—talking through the short video—sounded like a nice person. Perhaps even one I wouldn’t mind discussing photography with or, better yet, be in landscape with.

The next two headlines were about more cars. Seriously Alpa!

So, Alpa of Switzerland sent me not one but three car advertisments in their newsletter. Such can not be forgiven. One less newsletter.

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