All the available colours

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All the available colours

I wanted lights. They should be in all the available colours, blinking. The tiny store that sold groceries and all sorts of whatever a few hundred meters down the hill had some, after much pondering I bought a set. With paper route money. It did have all the colours; blue, red, white (well), yellow or was it orange? I can’t really remember the colours. Not greens though, don’t think there were any greens. Around each light bulb there was this transparent plastic thing, a bit like a ball and a bit unlike a ball. With a hole in the middle to fit around the bulb. Perhaps it was supposed to immitate a snow flake. And it did blink and at nights when I layed in bed the restless lights in all those different colours were at the same time soothing and stimulating. The latter had an element of away about it, although pointing more inwards than out. Which doesn’t rhyme too well with away. I guess.

That was before.

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