Update [july 2016]

In spite of how Mama don’t take.. appealed to me—and still does—creating the content for it never took off like I had hoped it would. For that reason (and one or two other) I don’t see that I will spend much time on it from now on, if any. I do intend to publish at least some of the drafts though, but not necessarily here.

To you who read, looked—thank you!

Thorir V

Thorir Vidar

Startet in 2014 by photographer Thorir Vidar, Mama don’t take my Fujifilm away was meant as an outlet for photos mostly—with an occasional word—taken using his lastest camera acquisition at the time, a Fujifilm X100S.

“One I instantly fell for, liked and loved and whatnot, and disregarded its quirks and shortcomings as if they were nowhere to be found. And (in a moment of self justification) thought—hey internet, you were right, that thing does make me more creative.”

Other photographic work includes architectural and landscape photography, as well as real estate. There is also a Flickr account and a few projects up on Behance.

Rick Stolk

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset

Joined in the following year by fellow photographer Rick Stolk. A long time Leica M6 user, who, when digital became apparent, switched to Nikon/DSLR and the works.
It all worked fine, especially for technical projects like “The Uncanny, 101 photographs”.

But something was terribly amiss.

“Everything about a DSLR was out of tune with my style of photography. Handling, focusing and, dare I say it: soul.”

The Leica was shamefully sold and the money was put towards a camera that came closest: the Fuji X100T.

“As of november 2014 I’m re-inventing my style, but forever hooked on and in love with a rangefinder”

Results can be found on Flickr.