48 hours in norwegian landscape

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Mama don't take my Fujifilm away


The queue is short, the ferry is only a few minutes off shore and then we’ll be on our way.

The scenery is familiar, the fjord is grey, the atmosphere synthetic and lovable.



Norwegians take good care of their travellers, must give them that. Rest stops all over, nice ones too. Bathing temperature would have been nice but one can’t have it all.



It’s getting late. We’re almost there so we probably won’t stop for a sleep–over. The landscapes rushes past in a fast forward in slow motion kind of way.


I haven’t been on a train for years. Not counting a ten minute local trip last year.


Trains are not entirely unlike planes, only roomier. With their closeness to strangers, except it’s not close, really. Coffee that could be worse, cheap fleece blanket. Again the landscape rushes by, fast forward in slow motion.



Fast forward in slow motion.

Just realized that’s the stuff nightmares used to be made of. That’s a different story.

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