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Odda, sometimes before dusk. +


Matching ok or not so well.

In a somewhat chronological order. Except Odda, sometimes before dusk, Odda should be at the end, if the timeline was important and it is. Timelines always are.


Men with bright coloured clothing, repairing courthouse.

A BMW by the lake. I mean the reservoir.

The local art museum. No, not the only one. In between exhibitions.

Camera on a tripod head in front of landscape.

Portrait of the lens. And gobo.

The hut and the steel wires that make sure it stays up.

“Don’t fall down here”, I guess the plastic line was meant to say.

A truly horrible place. Thanks to humans in suits, elected.

Water. And concrete.

Another reservoir. It seems to be a reoccuring subject.

At the time, two of the saddest photographs.

Coastline. Lines. Old country. Nostalgia. Et cetera.

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