Month: July 2019

Norway, Buskerud, Hol, Ustaoset

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Norway, Buskerud, Hol, Ustaoset city

Ustaoset is a small village in the middle of Norway. Its claim to fame, if it is at all famous that is, came with the railway between east and west. And a skiing event, large for its kind I believe, although I’m not sure if that type of skiing is very popular outside of Norway. And huts. And Hallingskarvet, the short montain range just above it. Not very many people live there though, according to […]

#runningman has a worse* camera

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#runningman has a worse camera

Replacing old with ancient, in digital camera terms at least, #runningman’s image quality just decreased, considerably. It turns out that’s quite alright, if not for the better. Battery life is still adequate, pixel count has gone down and with it, file size is lovely, colours are wonky in a good way and the optic is good. Best of all though, the older, worse camera of the two is much smaller, lighter, and no drama worth […]