Month: April 2011


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Black and white photograph showing landscape covered in a thin layer of snow, road, power lines, a shed.

If I move, after i get old and such, I would like to move there. Well, not excactly there, but close by. From a set I called Strandir og Norðurland vestra, a title that probably only makes sense to people my age and older who grew up, in Iceland, listening to the only radio channel that existed until we were about ten, and older. It refers to the north–west part of the country, as presented […]

Pretend they have a museum in their…

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I tell them to pretend that they have a museum in their basement.  It is locked and they are the only person with a key.  I tell them to close their eyes and imagine what pictures they see down there.  It can be anything, just be honest. Then make those pictures. Alec Soth, interviewed by Aaron Schuman for